"Drum Set Warm-Ups",
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Rod's book "The Drum Set Musician",
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Hey Everybody,

After years of noodling with the idea of creating specialty tools for drummers, to help with the handful of pesky issues all drummers face at one time or another, the first tool - Wing Thing - has finally come to fruition. Please check it out at morgensteintool.com


See you on the road!



Hey Everybody,

Sadly, my mom, Helen, passed away this past Wednesday. I don’t think a more positive, ‘life is beautiful’ human being has ever graced this planet of ours. She truly was 'salt of the earth'. Along with my dad, Mel, her soulmate for 84 years, my mom lived a truly happy, content, and fulfilling life. Making it to the tender young age of 97 is a gift unto itself. Clearly, I got my musical abilities from her, as my dad was a clap-on-beats 1 and 3 kind of guy, but she was, instinctively, a backbeat girl, feeling the groove on where it’s supposed to be experienced - beats 2 and 4! This has been a trying year, having experienced so much loss. But, in the end, folks like my mom have instilled in me the belief that there is always a bright side of life to not only dwell on, but to embrace wholeheartedly.



Hey Everybody,Rod here. After 45 years of amassing an enormous collection of drum sets, snare drums, cymbals, percussion, Winger clothing (from the good ole days), tour laminates, itineraries, posters and awards, drumheads, drumsticks, assorted hardware, and other mementos, I have decided to part with a tremendous amount of these items. Three of the major items I am parting with are drum sets from–
  1. The Dixie Dregs, ‘Bring ‘Em Back Alive’, live recording (from The Center Stage in Atlanta, GA in early ’92) and tour, including an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in December 1992
  2. The 2002 ‘Hollyweird Summer Tour’ featuring Poison, Cinderella, Winger and Faster Pussycat, plus a Winger tour that followed in the fall of ‘02
  3. The drum set used on several Dixie Dregs tours from the late ‘90’s through 2007
It has been an amazing trip down memory lane sorting through hundreds of possessions, each one triggering a smile, a story, or an unforgettable memory I will cherish forever.   If you are interested in checking out some of these items, you can contact my friend and fellow drummer, Ed Tucker, at Studio 3T  studio3t@icloud.comOr join Ed’s Facebook group: Vintage Drum Collectors & Players. Type in “Rod Mo” in the question to join the group.It’s gonna take awhile before each and every item is listed, so make sure to check in over the coming weeks to see what new things have been added.Thanks for all the great years. It has been, and continues to be, an incredible ride.Rock On!


I was shocked and saddened this week to learn that my friend and Dixie Dregs drum tech and monitor ace, Skoots Lyndon, passed away. Skoots was the consummate band mate, always seeking perfection in everything he did. He was an extremely kind and generous human being, periodically checking in on me to see how my parents are doing and how life, in general is faring. He also happened to be one of the best storytellers who ever graced our planet. His years of touring the globe with Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse Band, and numerous other acts, created a vast library of colorful stories; truly amazing stories that only a wordsmith like Skoots could impart to an audience lucky enough to be in his presence. My memory is filled with moments like these, where I would be hanging on every word, completely engrossed, often in stitches, for hours on end. RIP Skoots. Your memory will live on in the hearts of all of us who were so fortunate to have you in our live


WINGER - Better Days Comin' - All-Star



‘Hi, this is Mel, how can I help you?’ For years, these were the first words my dad would speak upon answering the phone. I think this phrase pretty much sums up the kind of person he was; always wanting to lend a helping hand in any way he could.

My dad passed away yesterday and, almost immediately, the memories of an extraordinary life began flooding my brain. He was a professor by trade, having taught at a handful of colleges and universities in New York, including Columbia University. He would often comment that he never felt like he worked a day in his life, as his love of teaching and being among young, talented, motivated students inspired him to no end.

At the age of 10, watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show along with my parents and sister, Carol, I knew then and there what I wanted to be when I grew up. From that day on, and continuing to this day, my parents have been my most ardent supporters, having attended nearly every single New York area concert I have played since 1976, be it with Winger, Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse Band, Rudess Morgenstein Project, The Jelly Jam, Jazz Is Dead, drum clinics and festivals, you name it. The last show they attended was the Dixie Dregs reunion concert at The Paramount Theater in Huntington, NY on March 15, 2018.

After a recent hospital stay, an attendant came into the room with the wheelchair to escort my dad out of the building. I introduced myself to him, and he immediately reminded me that he knew who I was, having helped me a few years ago when I was being treated in the hospital’s ER for kidney stones. He also told me he was a guitarist, a major Dixie Dregs fan, and had seen the Dregs every single time we have played on Long Island since the ‘70’s. I then introduced him to my dad, to which he replied, ‘What, are you kidding, I know your dad, and I also know your mom. Every Dixie Dregs fan on Long Island knows them. They’re just as famous as the band members, because every Dregs fan who has come to your shows these past 40+ years sees your parents every single time. He then proceeded to tell me exactly where they were sitting at The Paramount Theater concert two years ago!

My dad has been an inspiration to me, and many of my friends, for a lifetime. In fact, quite a few of my friends have told me that he has been a role model, playing a major part in how they try to live their lives. I am forever grateful to have had him in my life. The floodgates have opened, and the countless, beautiful memories of this amazingly special man, my dad, are everywhere I look…



Neil Peart was a Renaissance man. Most of us know him as the iconic drummer and lyricist of Rush. But beyond his exceptional talents in the world of music, Neil’s zest for life, thirst for knowledge, and quest for adventure led him down many divergent paths. 

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Neil in 1985, when The Steve Morse Band toured with Rush as their opening act on the band’s Power Windows Tour. Most touring musicians will attest to the absolute joy and excitement of bringing their music to audiences around the globe. Most of these same musicians will also agree on the physical and emotional toll that endless touring can take on a human being. 

That said, a typical show day often consists of travel, sound checks, meet and greets, interviews, the performance, followed by more meet and greets. Well, as if this is not enough, a typical show day for Neil Peart on Rush’s ‘85/’86  ‘Power Windows Tour’ would usually begin in the wee hours of morning, as Neil would journey on his bicycle from the previous city (assuming said previous city was within 150 miles of the next gig). Neil would often be on his bike for hours, arriving in time for Rush’s sound check. Directly after sound check, he would have dinner, which was immediately followed by a one-hour conversational French language lesson with a local French-speaking tutor. Upon completing his French lesson, Neil would proceed to a private practice room and warm-up on a small drum kit prior to the band’s two-hour concert. After the concert, Neil would usually hang for a short time before excusing himself to go to the band’s tour bus, to work on one of his future literary creations.

Sometime during this same time period, when he had some time off from touring, Neil flew to China, where he met up with a handful of bicycling enthusiasts for a 3-week journey through remote parts of the country. With pad and pen in hand (at the time, Neil felt that a camera interfered with the creative process) he would jot down highlights of the day’s experiences, which eventually culminated in one of his first literary works entitled, ‘Riding The Golden Lion’. In addition to the writing portion of this 39-page journal/book, Neil was involved in every step of the process in putting the book together, including choosing the cover art, font, page color and thickness, etc. I believe it was the first outing in what would become a passion of his, eventually authoring several critically acclaimed books. 

On the very last day off of The Steve Morse Band’s final leg of the Rush Power Windows Tour Neil, Alex, and Geddy took our band to an exotic restaurant for a memorable band dinner. Sitting cross-legged on pillows on the floor, in our very own private room, sans silverware, we dined on an incredible feast of delicacies using only our fingers. Alex, a wine expert and connoisseur, made sure the nectar of the Gods was flowing. So, there I am sitting next to Neil, chit-chatting while trying to think of something interesting and stimulating to say to this sophisticated, worldly, well-traveled man. Neil beat me to the punch, turning to me and posing the question, ‘So Rod, have you ever considered the effects of climate on the development of Western Civilization?’ 

That, in a nutshell, sums up the ever-inquisitive Neil Peart, always seeking knowledge and new experiences, never happy with the status quo. He is the textbook definition of ‘Carpe Diem’, seizing every moment of life to engage in something of importance, be it music, reading, writing, philosophizing, bicycling, motorcycling, sailing, cross-country skiing, trekking through foreign lands, climbing the highest peaks, and devoting himself to family. He is a truly inspiring human being, whose breath of humanity has touched millions around the world. 

I am forever grateful to have known this unique and special man.

RIP Neil.



Hey Everybody, I am part of a very cool project, called The Road Crew, with Billy Sheehan on bass and some very talented musicians from my area. We are performing our first, and at the moment our only, concert on Long Island on December 18. Also on the bill will be Zebra guitarist/vocalist Randy Jackson. The Road Crew came about as a result of the tragic loss of a young child, who was run down in his front yard by someone who was texting while driving. This innocent, precious child, Rocco Cangemi, is the inspiration for his father, Joe Cangemi, putting The Road Crew together. Hope to see you there.


Detroit Drummers Day featuring Rod
Sunday 9/15 @ The Token Lounge · Westland, Michigan


The Dixie Dregs' Original Lineup Will Reunite and Tour in 2018

The Dixie Dregs' Original Lineup Will Reunite and Tour in 2018

The original lineup of instrumental masters the Dixie Dregs will be hitting the road in 2018.

Rod Morgenstein, Andy West, Allen Sloan, Steve Davidowski and Steve Morse—the same Dregs lineup behind 1977’s Free Fall—have officially reunited, as they announced yesterday via a very brief press release.

The band’s website adds a few more details:

“Hello, everyone! We are starting back at the beginning—with the band as it was in 1975 when we were touring the South and trying to get a record deal. Together we recorded our first commercially produced album, Free Fall. We are reincarnating the band and will announce 2018 tour dates soon. Welcome to the return of the Dixie Dregs!”

Actually, there are already two 2018 dates on the band’s official site, and you can check them out here.

Stay tuned for more details, folks.

For more information, visit dixiedregs.com and follow along on Facebook.


7/20/17 - The Jelly Jam tour dates

8/11 Hartford, CT Infinity Hall
8/12 New Hope, PA HAVANA
8/13 Worcester, MA The Cove Music Hall
8/18 Toronto, Canada The Rockpile
8/19 Westland, MI The Token Lounge


'Rod Morgenstein of Winger, Dixie Dregs, The Jelly Jam, Rudess Morgenstein Project and Jazz Is Dead, has just been nominated in the Hall of Fame section of the 2017 Modern Drummer Magazine Readers Poll. If you would like to vote, just go to the following address
The address to vote is http://www.moderndrummer.com/modern-drummer-readers-poll-2017



drumming interview w/Joe Bosso



The Jelly Jam – featuring rock heavyweights John Myung (Dream Theater), Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs, Winger) and Ty Tabor (King’s X) – release new album ‘Profit’ on May 27th.

 The Jelly Jam will release their epic new album Profit on 27th May 2016 via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group (Flying Colors, Gov’t Mule, Teramaze, Crippled Black Phoenix, Black Stone Cherry, Joe Bonamassa). The Jelly Jam featuring DREAM THEATER’s John Myung, WINGER’s Rod Morgenstein, and KING’S X Ty Tabor, will return in 2016 with a new album and their first ever world tour. Click here for more info 

Check out the Jelly Jam Channel on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/user/shallwedescend


11/28/15 - update from Rod

'Hey Everybody, please check out this promo clip of the new Jazz Is Dead cd, which was 12 years in the making. It's one of my favorite recordings and features a host of guest artists. Thanks, Rod'


For info on purchasing the cd, go to http://pevar.com/music/jazzisdead-gratefuljazz/

Hey Everybody,

My drumming pal, April Samuels, is a breast cancer survivor who started an amazing foundation, Breast Cancer Can Stick It! In her own words, ‘we raise awareness and funds for a cure by orchestrating energetic, unique, music-minded events that ROCK to ultimately STICK IT to breast cancer’.

On October 25, April’s foundation will be hosting a DRUMMATHON featuring Carmine and Vinnie Appice, and Matt Starr. It will, no doubt, be a day filled with a multitude of exciting drumming events.

Please check out the website below for info on this important event.



6/1/13 - update from Rod

I just performed at the Bonzo Bash in NYC (5/30) and Long Island (5/31) honoring
what would have been John Bonham's 65th birthday. Over 20 drummers performed
with The Moby Dicks, an incredible Led Zeppelin cover band. It was one of those
special moments that reminds you why you became a musician in the first place.
All these fantastic musicians gathered on one stage, paying their mutual respect
for a drummer and band that changed the world by playing their hearts out. I
felt so honored to be a part of it.


12/29/12 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,

I just did a 10 Essential Drum Albums Interview with Joe Bosso for Music Radar Magazine, 
check it out here!

Also, I'll be playing with Jordan at the Korg booth at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA on Fri/Sat January 25/26 at 2:30pm. We're going to be doing the 23 minute version of Tarkus on Jordan's The Road Home cd!


4/22/12 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,

I recently donated several autographed items, including my Sabian
Signature ride cymbal, China cymbal, crash cymbal, splash cymbal, Vic Firth isolation headphones and a pair of my signature sticks to be auctioned off on e-bay May 1st to help raise money for DIRECT, a Tucson, AZ non-profit organization. This independent living center offers a variety of services to people with disabilities who want to become more self-sufficient. For info on this auction contact: Ron at 520.760.3043 or email him at troz57@msn.com

11/11 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,    
November 28 is the release date of The Jelly Jam's brand new cd, 'Shall We Descend'. You can check out the first single. 'Who's Comin'Now', at TheJellyJam.com. And you can order the cd at MolkenMusic.com Happy Thanksgiving. Rod

7/25/11 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,

I will be doing a live video chat this Thursday July 28 at 4pm for my
new on-line Rock Drums course offered through Berklee Media.
This course features hours of video instruction, hundreds of audio
clips and transcribed music examples, plus a boatload of very cool
play-a-long tracks.
Hope to see you there.

Drum On.



4/16/11 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,

I have spent the past year developing an on-line course in Rock Drumming for Berklee Music, the media wing of Berklee College of Music. This 12 week course is available for college credit or non- credit and is an all-encompassing program incorporating hours of video instruction, hundreds of drumming audio examples and transcriptions, and multiple play-a-long tacks covering a vast number of rock drumming styles. As the teacher of this interactive course, I meet with students each week for a class chat, as well as give input on their weekly performance projects. I have had a blast putting this course together, drawing from nearly 40 years as a recording and touring musician. For more info check out the website below. Hope to see you in class!


www.berkleemusic.com/school/course? course_item_id=21848140&program=new_online_music_courses

6/4/10 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody, 
Sonic Reality has released Epik Drums, a deluxe collection of drumkit and groove instruments created with legendary producer Ken Scott. Ken produced 2 Dixie Dregs records- 'What If' and 'Night of the Living Dregs', and has engineered and produced a who's who list of artists including the Beatles, David Bowie, Supertramp, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. This package is packed with hours of drumming by me, Billy Cobham, Bob Siebenberg, Woody Woodmansey, and Terry Bozzio. Check it out at www.sonicreality.com 
Winger will be touring throughout the summer in support of our new cd, 'Karma', which was released in the fall of 2009. For tour dates check my 'In Concert' page. You can also get more info on the band at www.myspace.com/wingertheband and www.wingertheband.com 
The Jelly Jam are up and running again, having recently cut basic tracks for Jelly Jam 3. Ty Tabor (guitarist with King's X) hopes to finish up the recording this fall. Look for its release by year's end or early 2011. We are also looking into the possibility of doing some live shows. Stay posted. 
Finished my 13th year of teaching at Berklee this past May. The talent just keeps getting better and better! 

There is a 5 minute drum lesson on this month's home page @ www.musicradar.com plus another lesson from last month.

3 part interview on www.vicfirth.com

C oming soon! Lessons at www.evansdrumheads.com

Oct/Nov: New WInger cd on Frontiers Records and Europe Tour dates to be announced soon.

October '09 release from Sonic Reality--The recreation of drum sounds from classic albums recorded by producer Ken Scott and 5 legendary drummers: Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs), Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons), Woody Woodmansey (David Bowie’s Spiders from Mars), Bill Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra) and Bob Siebenberg (Supertramp).

5/22/09 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,

Winger is in the studio recording our 5th studio cd for Frontiers Records. It will be released fall '09 with touring to follow. The vibe this time around is in-your-face, good old slammin' rock 'n roll.

Jazz Is Dead is still in the mixing stages of the band's first studio recording. Hopefully, it will be completed and released by the end of the year or early 2010.

Soon to be released from Sonic Reality is The Ken Scott Collection, a series of drum loops by 5 of the drummers Ken Scott has worked with including myself, Billy Cobham, Terry Bozzio, Woody Woodmansey, and Bob Siegerman. Ken's discography reads like a who's who of the recording industry, having been head engineer on the Beatle's White Album, and engineer/producer of such artists as David Bowie, Supertramp, Dixie Dregs and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Further info on this collection can be found at www.sonicreality.com/kenscottcollection.php

I recently completed my 12th year at Berklee College of Music. The musical talent just seems to be getting better and better every year!!!

Have a great summer..........

7/1/08 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,

It's been a while........

Recently, I was in California recording with legendary producer Ken Scott as part of a massive drum library project for Sonic Reality. Ken chose 6 drummers he has worked with including Terry Bozzio, Billy Cobham, Woody Woodmansey (David Bowie), Bob Seibenberg (Supertramp), and Nigel Olson (Elton John). Ken engineered and produced two classic Dixie Dregs records, 'What If' and 'Night of the Living Dregs'. His bio reads like a Who's Who of the record biz--The Beatles, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Missing Persons, David Bowie, Supertramp, Elton John, and Stanley Clarke to name a few. The drum library collection, which focuses on recreating the analog drum sounds from the 70's, will also feature a book on Ken's life and his ground-breaking engineering and recording techniques. The release date is scheduled for early 2009.

Jazz Is Dead guitarist, Jeff Pevar, is in the studio mixing the new Jazz Is Dead cd, finally! This recording will be, believe it or not, the first studio cd in the band's history. Look for the release in the latter part of this year or early 2009.

Winger toured the US this past Feb/March, and is looking into touring South America this fall. Concert dates will be posted once they are confirmed. ALthough Winger has toured in nearly 25 countries, this will be the band's first tour in SA.

Rudess Morgenstein Project will play in Poland this October as part of the Percussion Festival in Opole, Poland. In addition to each of us performing a clinic, we will play several concerts. Info will be posted when the dates are officially set.

I have been recording a cd with a phenomenal pianist by the name of Rob Apostle. Rob's music is an incredible blend of classical, jazz, and fusion music. Deceptively simple, this music will touch both musician and non-musician on a very deep and emotional level. No release date is set yet as it is in its early stages. I'll keep you posted as the project nears completion.

Mid-May completed my 11th year teaching at Berklee College of Music. What began in September 1997, filling in for a teacher who went off on a year's Sabbatical leave, has blossomed into an integral and very rewarding part of my professional music career. Also, midway through the semester I became a full professor. I wish to thank my incredible students for always continuing to inspire me.

Have a COOL, wonderful summer............

12/9/07 - update from Rod

Japan and Australia were amazing! It's been way too long since WINGER played in Japan. The last time were toured there was for the PULL tour in '93. Sold out shows in Tokyo and Yokohama and awesome crowds in Osaka and Nagoya brought back so many great memories of touring in the good ole days! The trip to Australia was our first and I'm sure we'll be back, as the crowds were really enthusiastic there, too. We had a blast touring with Ratt for the 2 weeks, and got to hang out a bunch with those guys. All I can say is it was a TON OF FUN!!!

WINGER 'LIVE' was just released on Frontiers Records and is available in both dvd and cd. The concert was filmed at the Galaxy Theater in Anaheim, CA in March '07 and the reviews have been fantastic.

MONSTER BALLADS XMAS was just released on Razor and Tie Records. 15 rock/metal artists each contributed a tune. WINGER did a cool version of John Lennon's Happy Christmas (War Is Over). Other bands include Queensryche, Dokken, Skid Row, Twisted Sister, Danger Danger, and Firehouse.

WINGER will be touring the US in Feb/Mar '08. Tour dates will be posted shortly. Hope to see ya'll there!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and every other holiday which occurs this time of year. See you on tour next year!!!

10/5/07 - update from Rod

Hey All,

Look for the new Winger 'Live' dvd/cd coming out in November. It was flimed this past March at the Galaxy Theater in Anaheim, CA, and is Winger's first live recording ever!

Remember 'Monster Ballads', the cd which featured ballads from all the metal bands from the good ole days? Well, here comes 'Monster Ballads Xmas' this November, featuring Christmas songs by lots of the same bands. Winger covers the John Lennon song, 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over).

Also in November, Winger is touring in Japan and Australia with Ratt. It will be our first time back to Japan since the Pull tour in '93. And it will be our very first trip to Australia. My last
time in the 'land down under' was in '94 for a drum clinic tour which took me to both Australia and New Zealand. What a magnificent part of the world!

The Dixie Dregs are in the process of setting up gigs for the new year. As soon as dates are confirmed they will go
up on my 'In Concert' page.

Jazz Is Dead is still in the mixing stages of our first stdio cd. No release date yet, but I'll keep you posted.

9/7/07 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,

The Berklee fall semester is just around the corner, and so next Monday I'll be off and running to Boston to meet this year's crop of amazing students. This semester begins my 11th year teaching at the college.

Winger played a handful of gigs this summer, the most memorable being The Rocklahoma fest in Pryor, Oklahoma, a 3 day non-stop 70's/80's trip down memory lane with the likes of Skid Row, Ratt, Twisted Sister, Warrant, Dokken, Vince Neil, Poison, Firehouse, Quiet Riot, Enuff's Enuff, Queensryche and a ton of other bands. It was very cool catching up with musicians I haven't seen in years. We were told in excess of 60,000 tix were sold for the event. We're playing in Las Vegas in October and then touring with Ratt in Japan and Australia in November. Check my 'In Concert' page in the next couple of weeks for details.

Jazz Is Dead played a one-off at Berklee back in July. It's always a blast walking out on stage and jamming to songs you haven't played in a long time. Being on the edge of your seat as a musician stirs the creative side of things in really interesting ways. Our new cd is being mixed at the moment and should be released later this year.

I played drums on Jordan Rudess' very cool new cd, 'The Road Home', which will be released September 12 on Magna Carta Records. This one's a 'cover' album, with Jordan paying homage to the bands which influenced him as an aspiring musician. Included are songs by Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Gentle Giant, and Genesis. As is always the case when I work with Jordan, this was a very challenging recording! Rudess Morgenstein Project headlined CalProg in Whittier, CA back in May. When time permits, Jordan and I will try to get back to finishing up the next Rudess Morgenstein Project cd which we've been working on for the past couple of years.

See ya.....................

4/20/07 - update from Rod

Life has been a whirlwind since the new year began.

First, the Dixie Dregs toured out west in January. While in southern
California, I raced to the NAMM show in Anaheim during the day to play with Jordan Rudess at the Roland booth. For those performances I played on Roland's V-Drums, an amazing electronic drumset which I have future plans of incorporating them into my acoustic Premier kit. From the NAMM show I had to race to another town to play with the Dregs that evening. Nothing like multiple gigs in one day!

On a sad note, the Dixie Dregs tour was cut short when sudden news arrived of Steve Morse's dad falling into a coma. Steve raced back to his home in Florida to be by his dad's side, who sadly passed away later that day. Steve's and my friendship goes back many years. I knew his dad, a brilliant man who will be missed by all whose lives he touched.

February 1 was the start of a 5+ week Winger tour in support of the new Winger 4 cd. Crowds were considerably larger than anyone anticipated and we all had an amazing time together. There will be some summer touring, so just check my 'In Concert' page periodically.

The Rudess Morgenstein Project headlined Baja Prog '07 in Mexicali, Mexico this past March. 1300 seats were filled to capacity each of 4 nights at this amazing festival. Bands and aficionados of progressive rock music come from all over the world for this event. From there Jordan and I travelled to Frankfurt, Germany to play at the Music Messe for Roland. And then we played a concert in London, also for Roland, and once again on the V Drums.

In a few weeks Jordan and I will headline CalProg '07, a prog festival in Whittier, California. Also, around this time, I'll be recording with Jordan for his new solo record which will be out later this year. And we're hoping that, time permitting, we can make more headway on the next Rudess Morgenstein Project cd. The new Jazz Is Dead cd is at the mixing stages and will be completed in the next couple of months. I have heard the rough mixes and this is by far the coolest JID recording since the band's inception.

Three weeks left to the Berklee semester. it's been a crazy semester with all my touring. But I tip my hat to my students, who waited patiently until I got back to town. And I've been spending extra days making up for the days I missed earlier in the semester. I truly have some incredible drummers this year. I'm certain I will see them out there doing it Big Time in the coming years!

See ya.........

1/8/07 - update from Rod

Hey Everybody,

Happy New Year. WInger played New Years Eve in Pittsburgh, PA....... OUTDOORS in the pouring rain to a couple thousand diehard fans! We were all soaking wet, and I mean completely drenched. All in all it was a ton of fun. Feb 1 Winger begins a 5 week US tour which will take us all around the country. We'll be mixing it up with stuff from the new cd, Winger 4, and of course, all the tunes from the good ole days. The Dixie Dregs begin touring next week out west which will take us through Colorado, Utah, California, and Arizona. While in southern CA, I'll be racing to the NAMM show to jam with Jordan Rudess at the Roland booth.

All concert info can be found on my 'In Concert' page.

Immediatley following the Dregs tour I will fly directly to Boston to begin the spring '07 semester at Berklee College of Music. I always look forward to meeting a new crop of talented, eager students.

9/19/06 - update from Rod

Lots going on since we last 'chatted'.

The first new Winger cd in 13 years , Winger IV, is slated for release October 20 in Europe on Frontiers Records, Japan on King Records, with a US release to follow shortly thereafter on Shrapnel Records. The recording is a natural progression from 'Pull', which came out in '93. Kip produced the recording, which sounds HUGE! The band will tour Europe in October in support of the cd. Concert info can be found on my 'In Concert' page. Audio clips can be heard at www.myspace.com/kipwingermusic Also, we're setting up a winger myspace page which should be up soon...

The Rudess Morgenstein Project played in Caracas, Venezuela and San Jose, Costa Rica back in May. Jordan and I had a blast doing these shows, as they were our first gigs south of the border. The energy of the fans was unbelievable! In Venezuela, we played with Angra, a fantastic band from Brazil, and we spent a good bit of time hanging with them. In Costa Rica, we were the only band on the bill, and so our show was much longer than anything we've done in the past. We did a fair amount of jamming, which inspired us to take that approach on some of the new RPM cd, which is moving along nicely. We will be playing the Baja Progfest in Mexico in March, and are talking to other south American promoters about doing shows in some other countries.

Jordan is also working on his next solo cd. I will cut drum tracks for some of this recording sometime before the end of the year.

The Dixie Dregs will be touring the west coast in January. Look for tour dates on the 'In Concert' page in the next few weeks.

Jazz Is Dead is in the mixing stages of a new cd. Even though it will be the band's fourth release, it actually will be our very first studio recording. All the other cds were live recordings.

The Berklee fall semester began last week. After a year of living the life of nomads without 'homes', due to problems with the basement area of the building we taught in, the percussion faculty are quite comfortable in our brand new, sound proofed, incredible facility. Should be a great semester.

9/16/06 - from Rod

It has been quite some time since I have posted updates on my site.

For those of you who may not be aware, my wife, Michele, passed away this past December.

Michele was a warrior's warrior during a 22 year journey battling breast cancer. The vast majority of people in our life knew little or nothing of her condition. She chose to keep it a quiet affair so she would not have it be front and center in every aspect of her daily life. It allowed her to lead a relatively normal life and not be known as 'Michele with breast cancer'.

As painfully difficult as living with cancer can be at times, our life together was nothing short of perfection. We learned to smell the roses years ago. There are no regrets, as we told each other how deeply we loved each other virtually every day of our lives. Michele was my childhood sweetheart, the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate. I miss her more than anyone can imagine.

Thank you to everyone for your e-mails, letters and phone calls which have offered me some level of comfort during this very difficult time.

I wish you all happiness and good health.


5/2/05 - Update from Rod

The east coast Dixie Dregs tour was awesome, covering 18 cities in 19 days. Travelling highlights included driving through a surprise spring blizzard with virtually NO visiability in the middle of the night after jamming in Cleveland! Ah, the exciting life of a touring musician.

Progress continues on the new Jazz Is Dead cd. Luis Conte has added amazing percussion to several tracks and we're hoping to get a few more folks to play on this one.

Winger is still looking into a fall tour to record a live dvd and possible
studio cd.

I'm getting ready to do some recording with Marc Muller who has been playing pedal steel and guitar with Shania Twain for the last 10 years. We're also involved in co-writing songs.

The Berklee spring semester comes to a close this week and, as always, I've had a great bunch of students who never cease to amaze me.

1/29/05 - Update from Rod

Just got home from the Dixie Dregs/Steve Morse Band west coast tour. As always, it was a lot of fun jamming with my band mates of many years. Steve Morse band drummer Van Romaine and I worked out a two-man drum solo (guess you call that a drum duo)which was really a blast to perform. Looks like we'll be doing an east coast run in mid-March, from Florida all the way up through Chicago, so check my concert calendar in a couple of weeks for tour dates.

Winger is discussing the possibility of a live dvd which would involve a week or two of concerts, possibly in May or June. Stay posted for details.

The Berklee College of Music spring semester has begun and, as always, I have a wonderful group of students.

9/25/04 - Update from Rod

Hey Everybody,
Well, believe it or not, after nearly 3 years since we first began work on it, The Jelly Jam 2 was just released. We are really beginning to sound like a band! Now we're looking at all of our schedules to see if we can do some live 'Jelly Jamming' in the next few months. I'll keep you posted. If you can't find Jelly Jam 2 in a cd shop, you can go to InsideOutMusic.com to read all about it and get purchase info.

Jordan Rudess' new cd, 'Rhythm of Time', was released recently on Magna Carta Records. Like I had said a while back this recording was, without a doubt, one of the most challenging and rewarding recordings of my career.

The Dixie Dregs will be gearing up for a west coast tour in January. Tour dates will be available on my concert calendar in the next several weeks.

We're already 4 weeks into the 2004 fall semester at Berklee College of Music and, as always, I have a great bunch of students. This time around there seem to be several who are into many of the classic rock and fusion bands and drummers, which is totally fine by me. It's right up my alley.

Hope you all have an enjoyable fall season.......

7/23/04 - Update from Rod

Hi Everybody,

The Rudess Morgenstein Project will be performing at the Berklee Performance Center at BerkleeCollege of Music in Boston on Thursday, August 5 at 8:15 PM. We will be playing classic RPM tunes as well as music from Jordan's soon-to-be released solo cd, 'Rhythm of Time'.

Ty Tabor has completed mixing The Jelly Jam 2 and it is now in the hands of Inside Out Records. I'll keep you all posted regarding the release date.

Kip Winger is putting some finishing touches on the recording I did with him and Turkish producer/guitarist Cenk Eroglu earlier this year, and getting ready to shop it for a deal.

The recording with T Lavitz and Jeff Pevar was incredible. The jam band concept is one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my 30+ years as a musician. We need to record a couple more tracks to have a full length cd, so we'll probably get together in the fall to complete it.

I'm in the midst of Berklee's 5 week summer program and having a blast with my roughly 75 students. It's amazing how many talented young musicians there are out there!

4/17/04 - Update from Rod

Hi Everybody,

Kip is on his way to Istanbul, Turkey to finish recording and mix several tunes on his current project with Cenk Eroglu. Talk about a fresh, new killer sound, this is it!

I just got back from Illinois for a week of recording with
guitarist/keyboardist Brian Moritz and his band Balance. Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs) played bass, with Joel Kaplan on keyboards and Vince Claps on vocals. With the exception of Dave and I, all these guys have been very active in the Chicago music scene for many years. The recording was engineered by Brian Mitchell, who lives a double life as a forensic pathologist! All in all, it was quite an experience. I'll update you as the recording progresses.

I'm on my way to meet up with T Lavitz and Jeff Pevar in
Hartford, CT to record for several days on both Jeff's solo cd and some jam band oriented stuff.

As soon as I return from CT, I'll be getting together with Jordan Rudess to pick up where he and I left off with the next Rudess Morgenstein Project cd. We're looking into the possibility of playing some gigs later this year.

The release of Jordan's solo cd, 'Rhythm of Time', is August 31 on Magna Carta Records.

Well, yet another Berklee school year has come to a close. I guarantee that somewhere in the future you will see some of these students realizing their musical dreams!

Have a HOT summer....................

3/19/04 - Update from Rod

Hi Everybody,

I just spent the last several days in Nashville recording with Kip Winger. Over the past year, Kip has been making trips to Istanbul, Turkey where he has been writing and recording with Turkish artist/guitarist/producer Cenk Eroglu. The music is an incredible blend of east-meets-west sounds and rhythms, both traditional and high-tech. Kip and Cenk hope to finish it up in the next several months. I'll keep you posted.

We're talking about the possibility of recording Winger Live In Concert along with a bunch of archival/ interview footage.

Jordan Rudess' solo cd, 'Rhythm of Time', is set for release in July on Magna Carta Records. What an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience it always is, working with my friend Jordan. Among the guest artists appearing on the recording are Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, Vinnie Moore and Greg Howe.

Modern Drummer presents 'Drum Nation' was released in mid-January and includes drum performances by 14 drummers. Jordan Rudess played keys on my track 'Faceless Pastiche'. Other members of the cast include Steve Smith, Simon Phillips, Bill Bruford, Trilok Gurtu and Chad Wackerman, to name but a

I recorded a couple of tracks with Jeff Pevar on a solo recording he's working on. I met Jeff when he joined Jazz Is Dead in 2001. He is one of the most well-rounded, musical guitarists around. I recently went to see him perform with CPR, the band he has with David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fame.) Jeff is the 'P' in CPR. A highlight of the evening for me was meeting David Crosby and having HIM say all these great things about the Dixie Dregs. I felt like a million bucks!

Jelly Jam 2's completion is just around the corner, I promise........

Another snow has fallen, with more expected tonight. It sure has been a

11/09/03 - Update from Rod

Jordan Rudess is in the studio working on his next solo recording for Magna Carta. We're planning on doing drum tracks before the end of the year.

January 13 is the Magna Carta release date for 'Modern Drummer Presents: Drum Nation Volume 1', an all-out drummers' cd featuring quite an interesting cast of players. Each participating drummer contributed one track; Jordan Rudess plays keyboards on my tune 'Faceless Pastiche'. Additional info about the cd can be found at Magna Carta'a website.

I know it sounds like a broken record but Ty Tabor is planning on mixing The Jelly Jam's next cd before the end of this year, as soon as he gets off the current King's X tour.

It seems like only yesterday that the semester began but the Berklee College of Music fall semester is already entering its 10th week. I have some very fine students this year and am sure to hear about them in years to come!

7/19/03 - Update from Rod

Hey Everybody,
I've been meaning to post something ever since I got back from Europe last month. The clinic tour was an absolute blast! I played in 8 countries in 3 weeks and spent some time in the UK visiting Premier Percussion on a break in the middle of the clinic events. Thanks to everyone who came out, the turn-outs were fantastic, and I met so many wonderful drummers, Premier/Sabian/Vic Firth reps, music store personnel and other musicians. I'd like to thank everyone who was involved in making these clinics first class events and I look forward to seeing all of you again somewhere down the road.

I'm already full steam ahead in the Berklee College of Music 5 week program and have been teaching 11 different classes in addition to many private lessons. And I can say without hesitation that there are some VERY talented young people out there! I'm sure we'll be seeing quite a few of ya'll enrolled as Berklee College students in the years to come.

Ty Tabor, King's X guitarist, is putting the finishing touches on Jelly Jam 2, my project with him and John Myung, bassist with Dream Theater. Stay posted for a release date.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Talk to you in the fall.


5/16/03 - Update from Rod

Hi Everybody,
I leave in a week for a 3 week European drum clinic tour for Premier and Sabian which will take me to some very cool places including, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Iceland, with a trip to the Premier Percussion complex in Leicester, UK thrown in for good measure. The clinics will feature the new line of Premier drums which were showcased at this year's NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA back in January.

The east coast Dixie Dregs tour was a lot of fun, and as we didn't hit all of the usual east coast cities, hopefully we'll be able to put another run together this year.

Ty tabor is hard at work on the next Jelly Jam recording. I'll keep you posted on a release date as soon as I hear something. And, as I've said before, we really want to tour for this one.

Still waiting on a release date for the Magna Carta drummers cd.

I played in a very cool blues concert last weekend at the West Hampton Performing Arts Center with Frank Latorre and The King Bees. Frank, an incredible harmonica player, played the harp on Winger's 'Down incognito' on PULL back in '93. The band also featured Richie Cannata of Billy Joel fame and 3 of Frank's longtime buddies- Doug, Paul and Paul who play guitar, bass and guitar respectively. I hope to do some more playing with these guys in the future.

Jordan Rudess and I played during Berklee College's Percussion week back in April and the turn out was overwhelming. Thanks for all your support. Some day, I promise, we'll get the next studio cd released. We have interested parties in Puerto Rico and Finland wanting to bring us over to jam. So we're looking into getting it together.

Well, another year at Berklee has come to a close and, as always, I had a wonderful time teaching so many talented drummer/musicians. I'll be teaching the 5 Week Summer program beginning the second week in July, so if you're in the neighborhood, stop by to say hey.

2/21/03 - Update from Rod

Hey everybody.
The January west coast Dixie Dregs tour was fantastic. The timing enabled us to spend some time at the NAMM Music trade show in Anaheim. It's always a blast going to the show as you meet up with so many friends and acquaintances who you don't necessarily get to see that often.

The Dixie Dregs will be hitting the road in late April for an east coast run. Check my site in the coming weeks for concert info.

I recently recorded a song for an upcoming 'drummers' cd which will be coming out on Magna Carta sometime in the spring. 10-15 drummers are each contributing a tune. As I understand it, Bill Bruford, Terry Bozzio and Steve Smith have already submitted their tracks. Should be quite a recording.

Ty Tabor is hoping to put the final touches on the new Jelly Jam cd March/April. So, hopefully, it won't be too long after that before it is released by Inside Out Records.

Until we meet again..........

12/2/02 - Update from Rod

The Dixie Dregs will be touring in CA, January 10 through the 19th. Check the concert calendar for specific dates.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Winger on the east coast this past October. As is always the case with these guys, it was a tremendous amount of fun both musically and just hanging with Kip, Paul, Reb, and John. Now we'll just have to see where it all leads...

Jordan Rudess and I picked up where we left off last summer on our second RPM studio recording. It's awesome working together again with my power duo partner. We're hoping to get it done in the next few months for a 2003 release and some touring.

Ty Tabor will put the finishing touches on the next Jelly Jam recording as soon as he gets home from the King's X/ Ronnie Dio tour later this month. The first Jelly Jam cd created a nice buzz at radio and so we're all looking forward to releasing this next one. John Myung, Ty and I are determined to tour with this band.

Another semester at Berklee is fast coming to a close. As usual, I have a great bunch of students who continue to keep me on my toes.

Have a great holiday season and I'll see you next year.

8/28/02 - Update from Rod

Well, it looks like summer is almost over. Man it was a hot one! The Poison, Cinderella, Winger, Faster Pussycat tour was an incredible amount of fun. Being back with the guys was truly an amazing experience. Jamming with them was a blast and I don't think I've laughed this much in years. These people are so much fun to hang with. And it looks like we'll be hanging again, if but for only a short time. We're doing a string of east coast Winger shows beginning October 1. Check the Concert Calendar for the dates. These will be full length shows covering considerably more songs than we did on the Poison tour.

We're looking into the possibility of doing some combination Dixie Dregs/ Jelly Jam shows later this year. I'll keep you posted.

Jordan Rudess and I have been in communicado trying to nail down a time period to finish up our next studio recording which was begun last summer. I'll keep you abreast of that one, too.

The Berklee College of Music fall semester begins shortly and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new faces as well as the 'veterans'. See you all soon......

5/2/02 - Update from Rod

Hey everybody. Well, as you all know by now, Winger is back together and will be touring with Poison, Cinderella, and Faster Pussycat from mid-May through July. I must admit, the adrenaline is beginning to flow as the starting date approaches. This will be the first time we've played as a band live in nearly 9 years. A few Winger Only headline shows will be happening, too. For all tour dates click here.

The Jelly Jam debut cd was released in the latter part of March and Ty and I have been doing a good amount of press and radio in support of it. We're hoping to do some touring with this project as soon as our schedules permit. John Myung is currently on tour with Dream Theater, and Ty is on the road with King's X. So, all three of us have our hands full at the moment. But we're determined to make The Jelly Jam a full-fledged, LIVE jamming band.

This week was the last week of classes for the spring 2002 semester at Berklee College of Music. Finals are next week, after which I race back to New York to board a plane to Nashville for a week of Winger rehearsals. I had a fantastic group of students this year who really kept me on my toes. I'm sure I'll be seeing many of them in concert with their own bands in the years to come!

Have a great summer and I hope to run in to some of you along the way.........



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