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CD Releases on Dregs Records

For the first time since its limited release on vinyl in 1975, the Dixie Dregs Great Spectactular album is now available on CD. Recorded when the band members were music students at the University of Miami, each CD is personally signed by Rod, Steve Morse, Andy West and Allen Sloan. For information on how to order this rare Dregs recording, click here.

Also released on CD, the Dregs Industry Standard, featuring Steve Howe, Patrick Simmons, Alex Ligertwood and Mark O'Connor, and the Steve Morse Band's Stand Up, featuring Eric Johnson, Peter Frampton, Albert Lee, Mark O'Connor and Alex Ligertwood. For information on how to order these recordings, click here.

dB22 and SIH1 Isolation Headphones, Kidphones (KIDP)
----Vic Firth Inc.
Being a drummer who suffers from hearing damage ("This could never happen to ME"), Rod developed the dB22 and SIH1 Isolation Headphones with the Vic Firth Co. These comfortable full ear-cup phones reduce ambient sound (surrounding noise levels) significantly, allowing for hours of hassle-free jamming. As an added plus, the headphones give the drums a deep, rich, crisp tone.

The dB22 is strictly a hearing protector while the SIH1 is a high-quality stereo headset, perfectly suited for studio recording or playing along with your favorite tunes on your stereo or walkman.

The difference between the SIH1 and a standard, conventional headset is that you no longer need to blast the music (risking serious damage to your hearing) in order to compete with the sheer volume of your drums. The isolation properties of the SIH1 headphones allow you to hear the music at a pleasant, comfortable volume while playing your drums as dynamically LOUD (or soft) as you desire.

In a recording environment, the SIH1 headphones are also a life-saver for engineers, in that they eliminate annoying bleed-thru problems which occur when using a standard, conventional headset. Quite often, the high volume of sound coming from a conventional headset is picked up by virtually every mic in the kit, thus defeating the whole purpose of individually miking each drum for total isolation and control.

Kidphones (KIDP) are non-electronic headphones specially sized for children and reduce overall noise levels by 22 decibels From the start, caring for kids' hearing is important!

At present, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Kenny Aronoff and a host of others are using the Vic Firth SIH1 isolation headphones.

Just remember - hearing loss is PERMANENT. Be kind to your ears!

For further information contact: Vic Firth Inc. at

Rod Morgenstein Signature Tri-Top Ride
----Sabian Cymbals

Raw bell and perimeter deliver penetrating cut, with lathed bow and edge offering a solid blend of definition and tone. 21"

For more information check out

Rod Morgenstein Signature Drum Heads
----Premier Percussion
Designed for increased resonance and durability, and tested and re-tested through months of non-stop touring, these coated white heads are thicker than ambassadors for increased strength and lasting power, but thinner than emperors to ensure optimum sustain and projection. Check them out on Winger's Pull, Dixie Dregs Bring 'Em Back Alive and Full Circle, Kip Winger's This Conversation Seems Like A Dream and the recently released Rudess-Morgenstein Project. And hear why drummers like Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) and Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) are pounding on these versatile drum heads.

For further information contact: Premier Percussion at

Rod Morgenstein Signature Drum Sticks
----Vic Firth Inc.
This versatile stick was designed for switching back and forth between jazz, fusion and rock formats. The overall size is a cross between a standard 5B and 2B, with a length of 16 1/8" and a thickness of .610". The tip achieves maximum cymbal definition and response, while the shoulder is full for high impact playing.

For further information contact: Vic Firth Inc. at

Rod Morgenstein Midi Drum Sequences
Here are some of the great reviews:

  • Power Rock - The power grooves are excellent, especially the flurrious fills tucked into each track - unique material to be sure. Great stuff all around. Rod gets 5 stars! - Keyboard Magazine
  • Power Rock is fabulous; not only are the riffs and fills inspirational, it's fun just listening to the sequences. - Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine 1997 Buyer's Guide
  • Progressive Rock - Some of his lightning blasts in this progressive rock section might make your module smoke. Tom and bass driven monsters (check out Locoline), odd time signatures and arm-twisting polyrhythms abound. Rod gets 5 stars! - Keyboard Magazine
  • Progressive Rock - These are midi drums for the adventurous. -
    Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine

These are real-time midi drum performances played by Rod in complete song form. Each of the two disks, Power Rock and Progressive Rock contain 20 complete songs, each with intros, verses, choruses, bridges, solo sections and endings. Songs can be used in their entirety or cut and pasted to your heart's content. Since this is midi information, the user has unlimited options for tailoring the drum and cymbal sounds to suit his or her personal and musical taste and needs. The range of grooves and feels on each disk is diverse, giving the songwriter/midi user well in excess of one hour of real time drumming by a real, live drummer.

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